Blue Jasmine (7/10)

there’s only so many traumas a person can withstand until they take to the streets and start screaming.

Alternatively, there is Vodka Martini (and a way to order them)

  • First: Call your base, either gin or vodka or your brand of choice, e.g., Beefeater or Stoli.
  • Second: Dry or Extra Dry or Wet (Dry=less vermouth; Extra Dry=no vermouth; Wet=extra vermouth)
  • Third: Choose “Up” or “On the Rocks”
  • Fourth: Your garnish, olives or a lemon twist. (With a cocktail onion the drink is called a Gibson, so you don’t need to say onions just substitute Gibson for martini). They used to order them “Naked” if they didn’t want a garnish, but I haven’t heard that in a while.
  • Lastly: If the bartender looks like he/she knows what they are doing, and the establishment is one of high repute, you don’t need to tell them whether to shake or stir, because they should know that you only shake if a cocktail contains ingredients other than booze like juices or cream, or if the customer requests it, or if the drink is called “dirty,” which means with olive brine which then could be shaken).