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Was isch groß?


All Treats, No Tricks

Global Table Adventure

This week the Global Table Adventure arrived in Switzerland. Each week my family and I dive into a meal from another country, learning about the food, trying recipes, and even sharing videos of… Continue reading

Borough Market

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Brunch-Rezepte – Swissmilk

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Gesichtet und getestet im Pl??sch in Z??ri!

Nicht ganz sauber

Gilt in irgendeiner Form fuer alle Beteiligten. Viiielen Dank!

“gar nicht so viele”

Mengenziel zwar nicht erreicht, dafuer lassen sich durch die Bank aber alle Sorten in Rotwein tauchen … und fuer naechstes Jahr gilt: “duenner ausrollen”. Rezept Amarettini – einfach Rezept Amarettini – noch einfacher Meaning ???little bitter thin…

Association of Old Crows (AOC)

Association of Old Crows or Appellation d’origine contr??l??e? Never mind who put the AOC stamp on the Petite Arvine … it went very well with this year’s first moiti??-moiti??.

Precious Pepper Project

May 2011: So clearly not my project. However, I contribute substantially with helpful comments, leaving no doubt about the entitlement to my share of salsa in the end.