From Charlie Chaplin to Christopher Nolan

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The IMDb Top 250 list celebrates outstanding films, cinema’s development over the past 100 year and its variety. However, the minds behind the movies are not…

Jagten (8/10)

“I understood all the character, understood me,  understood my friend, his wife and i couldn’t blame anyone” Interview @ 03:38, sums it up.

Hier kommt die Flut am Manesseplatz

Arbeitsweg am Gruendonnerstag. Tagesschau vom 28.03.2013, 12:45 Uhr: Wasserrohbruch in Zürich

Too Binz To Fail

On the evening of March 2, around 3,000 partygoers gathered in Zurich, Switzerland, for the last ever party at the city’s most renowned squat, the Binz. However, instead of crusties shotgunning joints with… Continue reading

Les Misérables (6/10)

After all that trouble to make it into a film it is still very  stagey, and intentionally so. (So what was the point?) Surprisingly, and I never thought I would say that, Sacha… Continue reading

Angels’ Share (8/10)

with the right spirit anything is possible!

Suitcase London via

Beau Brummell and Stephen Fry

View Larger Map This is the spot where I passed Stephen Fry … and he didn’t tweet about it. (Nor was I mentioned in the banknote debate that followed). I can only assume he was equally stunned. Totally unaware of the magnitude of the incident, t…

Matilda (Cambridge Theatre)

Matilda is a children’s novel by British author Roald Dahl. It was published in 1988 by Jonathan Cape in London, with illustrations by Quentin Blake. The story is about Matilda Wormwood, an extraordinary… Continue reading

Constellations (Duke of York’s Theatre)